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What ‘Shameless’ Star Emma Kenney Seriously Thinks About Pet dog Breeders

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Actor Emma Kenney has a large coronary heart for animals, and she needs you to know what definitely goes on in puppy dog mills. Enjoy her give canine breeders a piece of her brain!


  1. This is nice! I'd show my smaller friends this, but Im not happy with the fact there is profanitiy in this OwO @Peta2TV

  2. While I would prefer to adopt a dog from a shelter, I can understand why people buy from breeders. Not all breeders are shady, and that's actually quite a few good ones. When you adopt from a shelter you don't know the past of that dog. You don't know what might trigger a bad memory of abuse(or something else) and make the dog lash out at their family. This can be dangerous for families with kids or other pets. As I stated before, I think people should adopt, if you're worried about the dogs past you can get a puppy/younger dog. However that is the reason I think a lot of people buy from breeders.

  3. Or you can breed your own and yes we have tested them we have purebreds Dobermans


  5. I'm inspired


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