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What Services Pet dog Instruction Genuinely seems to be like!

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Calvin, 1 calendar year previous golden retriever healthcare, allergen, and psych services jedi in teaching.

Hanni, thirteen calendar year previous services doggy and jedi trainer.

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  1. Missed you! I might train my soon to come puppy (vid coming on my channel) to help with panic attacks (deep pressure therapy). Any tips. Also, are you still going to train Percy?

  2. You guys are moving again? Where to?

  3. So will you still have Calvin as a service dog after your prospect is fully trained?

  4. Pretty cool to see someone so young doing their own training with their own dog.
    Training is very important and practice makes perfect.
    You guys are doing a good job.
    I also have a psychiatric service dog but she’s about the size of your dogs food bowl lol
    Here is just a few of her tasks if you’re interested and keep up the good work both of you!

  5. Hey Hanni, I've got a 10 month old golden retriever but she's not as well trained as Calvin 😛 was Calvin meant to be a service dog when you got him or was he just a regular dog that you trained??? I love your videos btw 😍😍

  6. Another video yessssssss!!!

  7. Calvin is so good! 😊


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