How To Train a Dog

Train Your Dog to Sit

Turn your dog into an Obedient, Loyal Pet In Just 5 Days

Does your Dog Bark? or Jump? Do you feel embarrassed with his behavior? Get an easy, effective Dog Training solution for

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Nancy Area CPDT-KA of the Port Chester Obedience Teaching Club and her Labrador Retriever, “Emma,” display how to educate your canine to sit.

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  1. It only bit me.

  2. this is really good i have an older dog and he dosnt know how to do tricks

  3. Good. saludos. Desde México

  4. good

  5. What treat do you use?

  6. To me, the direction of the hand gesture means stand up.

  7. It looks so easy!

  8. Help! My dog just walks backwards! 😀

  9. Nancy, I have a Pom that will not drop his rear. I use the food lure, slowly raise it at the nose above the head (which with all my other dogs they end up sitting) but he will step back no matter what. (Holding the lure above his head I've tried it close and a little farther from the nose) I've tried to do this with his back side closer to a wall so he can't step back thinking he might then drop his butt…he simply walks to the side. He clearly wants the lure, bends his head far back but will not drop his rear to the ground. Tried the lure into the belly technique thinking he would drop is rear but he didn't. Tried the lure slowly around close to his side hoping he might plop his rear to the side but he didn't. APPRECIATE ANY HELP!

  10. My puppy is to little to learn this tricks

  11. I recently rescued a Staffy who has been badly abused for 5 years, and bred mercilessly.  She has no training whatsoever, so I was looking for a suitable training for her online.  I would have found this video far more helpful had you used an untrained dog, made the video longer, to help people like me train adult dogs.

  12. Good video for sit. Professionally I would suggest that an owner never use the animals name before a command. This can confuse them. Hands signs are key.


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