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Think about THIS When Food Isn&#39t Operating in Your Canine Schooling

In this video, Kayl and I will communicate about the price of treats in teaching, and we will display you how to coach a stubborn dog who does not treatment about treats. No matter of your dog’s age, or breed, or their temperament, there are a couple of things you require to examine off of your checklist to support you to be additional successful with your dog teaching. The actuality of the make a difference is that you require to get at the very least a minimal target from your dog if you have any hope of modifying their habits. There are a couple of proactive ways that you can get to be additional successful with your dog teaching.

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  1. One of the most important steps in using food to train your dog is the process of removing those treats from the picture and still getting that same reliable response. Here's a link to a video that you'll find helpful to wean off of your food lure:
    Happy Training! ~Ken

  2. What do you do if you have a dog who has a sensitive stomach and you have to be careful what you give them? Training treats are just not a good option.

  3. This video is exactly what I’m looking for, but still I don’t think it will work on my dog. My dog is not interested in treats, toys, anything while training. We feed him strictly, toys are not laid around all the time. The problem is he obeys inside the house and ditch whatever he learns on the outside. But I’ve tried different environments but he is highly highly sensitive to sounds, vision, and these keeps him very very distracted. We don’t have good trainers in where I live and I’ve been trying to do it myself but he just don’t pay attention to me only when it’s training time.

  4. Hi, I NEED HELP!
    My dog Just turned 2 Years old a week ago. We've had him since 10 weeks old. A trainer tried to work with him for 2 weeks (from 8-10 weeks old) before we got him, and when we did, he was Alarmingly thin!!!

    We've Always had meals, Never free fed. But, he had food/feeding problems from the start.
    He would eat Just Enough to stay alive, but was Always stick thin (ribs poking out! 😳) and Refused to eat more than once a day.
    We tried Every type of food on the market and Finally found a food he will eat at 1 year old, but still refuses to eat it all.

    I've been picking up the bowl the second he leaves and he Doesn't Care.

    Three vets have said there's nothing wrong with him, food just isn't something he cares about.

    He's Never wanted treats, Regardless of how smelly, mixing them up, etc.

    EVERYONE is saying how to get your dog to work for treats, but he refuses food!
    He blows me off/ignores me when we Do try to train, no matter How excited/animated I get. He Just Won't Train. Everything needs to be on His Terms to get him to do Anything.

    He's successfully task trained to help me as a service dog, he just knew something was wrong and alerted naturally, but I didn't teach it.

    How do I get his focus on me Now?!? That's his biggest problem, yet everyone is Still treats, treats, treats.

    I'm Failing him some how and I'm Exasperated and desperate! He's Really well socialized, Loves other dogs and people, but easily blows me off, untill he needs to alert.

    How do you train a dog who Never Wants Food!?!?
    Thanks, Sharece.

  5. This training approach assumes I have a spectrum of distracting environments to choose from. My home/yard provides a 1-2 level distraction, but once we leave the house to go on a daily walk, there are people, dogs, cats, and other distractions that cannot be avoided, if my dog is to get sufficient exercise and time to relieve himself. Treats simply don't work under these highly distracting environments, at least not with my dog. Too many dog trainers who claim to have the secret of training never consider the difficulty in applying their method to real world conditions. I don't live in an enclosed dog arena.

    Reliance on treats is also problematic for other reasons. In the winter, for example, managing tiny bits of food with gloves on is not convenient, especially with moist treats. Going without gloves in freezing weather is not an option. A larger issue is the idea of being nothing but a human piñata to your dog. Any food-based training method is based on making yourself more attractive than distractions, but there will inevitably be situations where a distraction is more powerful than treats. And what happens when you don't have treats with you for some reason?

  6. I got a one year old American Eskimo who had no previous training for the 1st 6 months he was in a kennel the other 6 months he ran around free out in the country those were his previous owners.yea none of the previous owners gave him all the vaccinations, he neededand had him neutered. I thought it would be best i adopt him. and he is out of hand, yea actually throws a fit and starts barking when i reprimand him, just found that out. and he is the most high energy puppy I've ever seen, is skittish of any noise and makes a bee line for the door when we're out for walk, does well in car ride for the most part, i guess this little sweetie has some issue's, but hes not so little, im thinking of finding him a new home , i just dont know if i have the energy to deal with him. He definently needs a doggie bootcamp for a couple of weeks.

  7. Treats rule!!!
    Get an aussie!!!

  8. I have a 4 month old mix of Russian and Finnish hunting dog. He follows me around for sure inside but outside no. First weeks was nice he learned come and stay and sit. Then came snow and all was different. Leash training started again and all outside. Also I can't actually go sitting on the ground and teach him. Here is loads of snow and also quite freezing at times. Okay he won't listen to me outside no matter what anymore. I'm used his toys, food, me being silly you name it. He just ignores me. Also even I go for a walks he started to jump and nib my arms and mt clothes. Teeth related maybe? Few teeth is missing already. He's also highly energetic and I have no room in my home to like make big fences. I have a movable fence so he won't come to my bed or to a kitchen when I'm making food. I just trained with him second time this day and after that he started to jump on me and nib my arms. He's 16kg and 4 months. I have to do something and I'm going to puppy class but they start after Christmas.

  9. Thank you so much for this great vdeo! I adopted a retired greyhound and I think I made all the mistakes about feeding you mentioned in your video.

  10. This is super helpful. I need some advice though. How do I get my dog to have enough exercise and also have a low stimulus situation?

  11. My dog already does meal feeding. She's just not really big on treats in general, so treat training is total crap. I find that affection rewarding works well, but does not do anything for training her not to pull on walks. When we got her she was already rated at skittish so anytime she's outside she pulls. I can get her to stop pulling my the turn training but then by next walk she pulls again.

  12. How do you teach a dog to listen without treats after you teach the trick?

  13. Hey mccan I’m having some struggles with my dachshund cooper he’s knows plenty of tricks and when I do weave or other tricks he has to go to the side of me so he can do it so I lure him but even if I have a whole piece of chicken and I try to lure him he still won’t if I drop it on the floor to the side he goes then but when I pick it up before he gets it he goes back to the front any tips?

  14. You guys are so helpful and very grateful for your time to put out good content. Still working on my 11 weeks old corgi 😭

  15. Hi! My dog is really good with loose leash walking ( the casual form ) on our normal walks and on hikes to new trails as long as I am alone. When my husband comes along, she pulls like a freight train! The only thing I can think is that it's her trying to be leader of the pack because she gets even more frantic if he gets in front of us. Even when she is in front, it's like she is trying to go fast enough that he can't pass her. Any advice for working though this?

  16. BTW, every time you mention the word "about" it never fails to get my attention… funny…

  17. You two can already guess my questions… LOL…. I just got a border collie puppy… he's wonderful, but he couldn't' care less for treats.. he's not very motivated by treats… either that,, or he hates the liver and chicken variety LOL… I'll try some new types tomorrow.

  18. Hmm. Everything is good with my dog (Australian Shepherd) except when another dog is around. She listens any other time. She just goes ballistic. I have tried to ease her into distractions but it doesn't seem to matter. She just seems to hate other dogs. Even when we walk away she is fixated on the other dog. Food or toys don't get here attention.

  19. This is great information thanks for sharing

  20. I swear, you guys must have cameras in my home and on my property. 😂🤣
    I am still in the driveway stage. He’s working for his next meal but boy oh boy does EVERYTHING distract him on our front yard. (Everything except cars, funny enough.) He starts pulling at about 3 minutes into our leash work and forsakes his high value moist and smelly lamb treats. So I find myself going back to our front patio where I have his attention again. He is obsessed with his tug toy, so I wonder if that’d get his focus again in the driveway.

  21. Omg this is so educational. Thank you. My puppy has three different treats. I am weaning of the treats with lessons. He's not really excited about his current treats or the lessons without it 🥰🤪


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