Puppy Training

The five Ways To Abide by When Educating Your Pup ANY Skill!

In this movie, I am likely to show you some basic puppy dog education concept, and how you can break down your education into an simple to recall checklist using the acronym “T.R.A.I.N.” When people today come to us inquiring for assist with a talent they are battling with, we can usually uncover a step that has been left out in their education prepare. As human beings, it can be difficult for us to recognize how dogs consider merely mainly because it is different than how we consider, and it can be difficult to recognize why you might have a best remember in your garden, only to check out your puppy dog disregard you at the park. Currently, we’re likely to speak about the actions required to prepare and best a talent from start to finish. No matter whether you might be education an 8-week-outdated puppy dog to sit, or you might be educating your 8-calendar year-outdated Golden Retriever to carry the newspaper, you may be in a position to observe these actions to guarantee that your dog understands the talent.

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  1. So we got 2 puppies at once and I didn't realize that wasn't a good idea until afterwards. Now I'm trying to make sure I'm doing the right things to train them both and bond with them both! Do you have any videos on raising/ training 2 puppies.. littermates?? Can you give any advice? Im already crating them separately, feeding them separately, having training time, play time, car rides, walks separately.

  2. Thank you!! We get a cocker spaniel puppy this Saturday, upping our parenting skills to be prepared! First puppy!

  3. When do we move to not rewarding for each response?

  4. I love your training videos. I hope to get my Dogue de Bordeaux this Soriano I’m going crazy watching them all. I have a question. In this video you make a reference to having the puppy sit quicker. How do you go about letting the dog know that you are after speed?

  5. I adopted a puppy but idk what´s its breed

  6. I have a 9-month old chihuahua mix and he’s always too excitable; sometimes he hurts himself and us, too, when he jumps around. He forgets all his basic training (sit, stay, down). How can we calm him down without giving him calming aid?

  7. My puppy refuses to “lay down” on our hardwood floors. But happily does it on carpet. Hey I don’t like laying down on my hardwood floor either. 😂

  8. Awnn love the basenji picture haha !

  9. Can you give me a link for a video you have on how to teach your puppy to pee and poop outside instead of inside the house? Thank you!

  10. Man… That would had been the perfect video to plug the train station stream and get a little toot-toot at the end 😀

  11. What a great acronym. I'll have to steal this for my puppy classes.

  12. Why won’t my puppy go outside

  13. Now that you've learned about the stages of your puppy training, you're ready to take a look at what equipment, and what skills to work on. Check out our First Time Puppy Owner playlist for some interesting training videos:

    for watching! ~Ken

  14. Someone told me 7 new locations before they START to generalize, lol. I have an actual list of 7 places I do things in after I teach somethkng
    it's a lot!

  15. Awesome video this is so great and fun to watch!👌😃🙏


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