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Teaching my DUCK Pet dog | Pt. 7

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I Introduce the E-collar to Rocky today. He’s obtaining sharp on his obedience.

Activity doggy 1825 Wetland Hunter –
For Blanks —
Pet dog Stand —
thirty ft. floating check twine —
collar —
heeling stick —
Bumpers —

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  1. are you giving a warning with the beep first or going straight to little shock? can't wait until i can get me a pup.

  2. 13 days until duck season. How is he doing I’m happy that this year we can shoot 2 Pintails

  3. I have a 2.5 year old lab that I adopted from a friend's mom when she was almost two. She never was trained to hunt, but comes from a great hunting family. I started training her, but boy is it frustrating teaching a dog fresh when they aren't a "puppy" anymore. I got all the way to force fetch, but she didn't take very well to that. How long until you start that training process with Rocky?

  4. cant wait to see this dog in the woods!

  5. Watching your videos has given me the confidence to train my pup I just got 3 days ago instead of sending her out to a trainer. Loving the videos thanks for sharing.

  6. Best way I found when researching collar training is put it on them and leave it on them 24/7 for a few days to a week so they get used to it and don’t automatically associate it with training/discipline.

  7. I love these videos! Keep them coming. Rocky is a quick learner, gonna be an awesome hunting companion! I'm actually looking into training my year and a half, black lab/border collie mix. These videos give awesome tips and motivation to get out there and start training! You make it look easy

  8. Great video! Do u guys are going to dove hunt?

  9. First Happy fathers day.Second Rocky is doing great I`ve told you before you and Rocky are going to have a lot of fun this duck season. Can`t wait to see him hunting. Great job Titus

  10. Hi again. Rocky is getting bigger and better, but I would like to offer a few suggestions, to make things easier for both of you. First, you don't just start dialing in numbers. Every dog is different and respond to different numbers. Turn it down all the way and release him to just walk around. Hit the momentary button. If you get a reaction (any reaction) like moving his head around, you know he is feeling something. If no reaction, go to the next level and continue until you get a reaction. This is your starting place. Below that number, it will have no effect. (conditions remaining the same). You can't introduce the collar to a dog, while working on an exercise, looking for a reaction, when you don't even know if he's feeling anything. You also need to work on your leash work more, before you get into the collar. Too many things going on. Your dog still doesn't understand his place when healing, because you have the leash too tight, when working him. (always holding him in place) He doesn't have to do it on his own. You need to have a slack lead, literally a loop in the lead when your walking him. That way your not pulling on him, and he has to work to stay in position. any correction should be a quick jerk and then back to slack. If you have worked on it enough, he should also be sitting automatically when you stop. You shouldn't have to tell him every time. Do you have a healing stick? Get this down first. If you want to introduce the collar, do it with the come command. Teach him to turn it off by complying to your "Come/Here" command. Once he understands that complying, turns the collar off, it will be easier to do the other commands. I could go on for days, but don't know what you have read and which doctrine your following. As a newbie, you can't mix and match. There is a specific order that things are taught in and progress. They are linked. Not saying there aren't many different ways, and that they might all work, just that you can leave important things out if your skipping back and forth and not know it. That is why I suggested you get help from a local club. I would think you would want to end up with the best you can from Rocky. Each dog you train will be better, because you will be a better trainer and better at reading the dog. But for now, Rocky can't be any better than he is trained to be.

  11. It's good to see the progress with Rocky, enjoy the time with your little girl that get big really quickly, Happy Father's Day, good video

  12. I appreciate the content man, I’m always looking forward to it. I have a new pup as well and someone suggested the wonder lead by Delmar smith and it’s honestly one of the best heeling tools I’ve used. Thought I’d pass along the info. Keep up the good content.

  13. Rocky, come a long way seen your first video,you put up of him. Can’t wait to see him get his first live duck.

  14. Nice vid!! Getting bigger and bigger every video!!

  15. Good tip ab the over praising I do that a lot with mine and you can tell the difference in her training.

  16. Go Rocky. Good job.

  17. Super cool👍🏻

  18. So cute and nice vid bro


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