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January two, 2019
Zack and I took Naomi to her pediatrician for GI difficulties. Though in the ready area, we were run up and pet by a toddler, who’s mother was hectic on her mobile cellphone. (What if I am an asshole with my untrained pet in public and they rip your daughters encounter off? Too late to mother up then) To keep away from this toddler, we moved to the other close of the office’s ready area. Wherever an older lady asked if Sebastian was a “helper” puppy.
Please notice! Support pet dogs are hugely experienced pet dogs experienced to mitigate to their disabled handler’s incapacity. Consequently, a man or woman with a company animal IS DISABLED. Please you should not anticipate us to be ideal.
This took a handful of times to upload due to the fact we were directed to the ER just after this visit. Could not be a identical-day put up, considering that we were in the ER the relaxation of the day.
If you would like to see additional of Seb, check out his Instagram! @seb4helping

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