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We try hobbling our kicking milk goat.
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  1. put the hobbles lower and tie them down to your stand… she cant jump…
    If all else fails get a pump milker (I got mine on amazon for $125 ) My hands are so much happier since investing in my machine! I get more milk too with less time!!

  2. the hobbles should be a little lower on the legs so she can't really kick

    if she lifts one leg with the hobbles on she shouldn't be able to move it very far

    I used to hobble my horses when I had a crummy fence

  3. If you god the birch rods for the bark i would recomend getting them around fall time if you want the bark to stay on at its best. Spring/early summer the sap seperated the cambium layer from the wood to make room for its new growth within its new space. So as the wood dryes youll notice that the bark will get frimsy and definatly be loose from the wood. And over time of handling and sliding curtons on and off peices will fall or break off.
    My dad used to make all sorts of furniture and live edge stuff.
    Thanks for your videos i like them all.

  4. You are so wise in so many ways for being so young.

  5. Good day to you Art & Bri !! 👍👍😁😁 Thanks for sharing your day to day experiences on the homestead with us all today 😁😁👍👍

  6. I believe the hobbles should go just above the hooves. Most people do tend to position them the way you had it but I would definitely give it a try lower down and see if it works any better.

  7. ''GOD IS GREAT'' such a beautiful scenery ; ART & BRI u are blessed 🙂

  8. maybe it tickles her…

  9. Thank you for sharing your peaceful moment with us I really enjoy it

  10. I love this idea for your curtain rods!!! I may have to find a room I could do this in too! 👌🏼🌱

    Jenn Stone
    Seven Sprouts Farmstead
    Nicholls, Ga

  11. You are so kind to Bri, Art! You show how much your family means to you. Lovely video and Thanks…

  12. Such a beautiful nature you have around your house. 💖Love todays video with reflections about life.

  13. I think the hobbles go lower on the legs.

  14. I’m so glad for you both ART and BRI; you both seem to be very much in love with one another, which seems to be rare nowadays!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful life with me! All of your children are BEAUTIFUL!!! I spend the summers at my grandma and grandpa’s farm, which was fantastic! We had about 40 heads of cows, a bull and lots of calves…We milked our heifers morning and evening using a milking machine: we add three horses a couple chickens and that’s it! My mom hated me tried to kill me, murder me a dozen times or more: no I don’t understand why. She never wanted to have children! So it’s very lovely to see how much you care about your children! It makes me cry; in joy and in jealousy!

  15. Try – while petting her while placing your hand on her udder then stop, but continue to pet her. Helping her to understand the petting of her is nice as is allowing you to touch her udder. Sometimes animals can't take over stimulation or the amount/speed of touch being used on a sensitive area of their body. Slow go often aids in desensitizing. Great video as always!

  16. No experience with kicking goats, but horses instead. I’d just put an unmoving hand on her udder until she takes a break in dancing (however brief a pause) and then resume patting where she likes it. This teaches that you’re going to reward her for not moving.

  17. This is what a blog sure be about! Thank you art and bri for let us experience a little of bit of good feeling throu yours eyes on life!

  18. I needed this video so bad. I am also a nurse and worked yesterday with the hardest family and it was ugly. This brought me the peace that I so needed today. Thank you for your music choice and of you walking in the woods. The moment of just the creek was beautiful.

  19. Praying for y’all. Thanks for sharing another day in your homestead with the rest of us. Last night I was down in my barn with a kid that wasn’t doing well and thought about Bri spending the night with the goats. She is an amazing lady.

  20. Our Dottie Grace did that for a little while. It's an authority thing. Keep working with her and petting her. She will eventually see you mean well. She calmed down for me but then wouldn't let my wife milk. She is good with both now, don't even need the milk stand, but we have started the whole thing over again with our son milking her. She's only doing it with him, lol. If you try to milk from behind, she won't let any milking be done. We have to go at her from the side-front angle. They are more like kids than critters, lol. We enjoy watching you guys. God bless.

  21. Had a serious challenge just now and for distracktion I started watching youtube. Thanks for taking me to the woods really needed that.


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