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Steve Austin – Chief of the Pack

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There are canine trainers and there are canine trainers and then…You can find Steve Austin.
Steve trains man’s most effective pal to do incredible items in incredible places.

And there in lies a wonderful prospective Tv Sequence .., Chief OF THE PACK.
Steve Austin is an Aussie canine coach, who has been schooling puppies for above thirty many years. He is renowned as one of Australia’s top rated animal trainers, with a unique skill in canine behaviour and schooling. Substantially of Austin’s get the job done has been all over schooling puppies for scent detection and quite a few of the puppies employed for this get the job done are rescued from shelter circumstances.


  1. Where the fuck is stone cold steve austin you fuckin cuntbag

  2. great video

  3. Love it.. Go Steve Go.. Good Luck.. Lisa and I will be watching once your on air 🙂


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