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Standard Dog Coaching : How Not To Coach A Dog (instructions as qualifications noise)

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Dog Coaching Basics: How Not to Coach A Dog

The initially movie clip illustrates how not to practice a dog: Machine-gun inconsistent (arrive, below, get in excess of below) instructions with a loud, mad voice The dog quickly learns that human voice instructions are qualifications noise and learns to dismiss human voice instructions in particular when distracted. (Pup’s real name is not Cricket, but you get the point…)

The second movie clip, the dog learns to affiliate a steady reward with a arrive whistle. I like to initially use a whistle as an alternative of voice for the reason that the little ones will be using voice with the dog and he learns to dismiss those people kid’s voice instructions. I will pair praise with just about every foodstuff reward and gradually swap praise for foodstuff reward, but get the same quick reaction to the arrive-in whistle.

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