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Snatch & Run Sector Theft CCTV Alameda, Ca MrSurveillance

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CCTV surveillance movie from an more mature mpeg DVR.
Wide angle see of a scumbag theif thieving from a market place in Alameda, California


  1. That's just great.

  2. haha omgg good time me n my friends used to steal frm herr hellah in middle skoo hahaha woow

  3. watch my videos we snatch phones out the wall type in oaktown69ville and you will see the truth

  4. rule number wun you gota be cwick rule number to dont fall daon and rule number thwee watever yu do neva lok bak yal wish me luk snach and run yall!!!!!

  5. Yes, near Linkin Park , across from Nickelback.


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