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  1. Peter, is there any point in a dogs training when I can just leave him in the house or do I have to crate him every time I leave for the rest of his life?

  2. Why does my dog piss in her crate everytime i put fresh bedding in there?

  3. I put a towel in there and that's only for a puppy that's it. after they get 6 months old I take it out.

  4. He's a Yorkie and he's 9.

  5. I have kept the bedding out of my dogs crate since I have had her, because I know she would tear it up. However, the hard surface is cause her elbow to form a hygroma. So, now I am wondering if I should get a cot-type bed and put it in her crate? I put an old bed I had in there and she went to work on it quick. She does not bark nor defecate in the crate. Just a bed shredder.

  6. Love your videos!!


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