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Registered kennel of Labrador ~ ~ Kingdom Of Labrador marketing puppies labrador retriever, the recent provide three various litters.
Puppies are saved and cared for at household alternatively than in boxes, which is quite critical for the reason that of the socialization of puppies and their practices for life in the household and flats.
Puppies have a total cynological and professional medical data.
Puppies are acquired by crossing quite a few globe famous race:
Hair’s Tribute Chieti
Andre Aamodt 2x Winner of Sweden
Ebony Royal Normal
Queen’s Satisfaction Recator
Digging Will
Amaretto Dim Chocolate
And several other famous ancestors, the mothers and fathers them selves are carriers of many awards and trophies.
Puppies are all set to download.

Extra information and facts
Telephone: 063436611, 0614332203
E mail: [email protected]


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