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Retriever Coaching Basic principles Escalating the Issues of the Swimby Drill

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On the web Retriever Coaching Guide. When your doggy learns the swim-by drill how can you enhance the difficulty to get far more out of the drill? Want to teach your doggy to handle and go straight on the drinking water? Five unique strategies to get far more from the drill.


  1. in the vid you said "when he didnt take the first cast, we forced a little"
    i was asking what you mean when you say "forced", by the ecollar, re say command, make the hand motion again??? etc…

  2. @bradp455

    Sorry I don't really understand your question, could you supply more detail

  3. just amazing! what do you mean when you say "force a —–"?
    started doing "kennel" command with our goldens, they love the training time! me too! all the best!


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