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Puppy Education and the continuous jumping with America’s Canine Educator

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Does your Dog Bark? or Jump? Do you feel embarrassed with his behavior? Get an easy, effective Dog Training solution for him...now.

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America’s Canine Educator going more than critical strategies acquiring a puppy. Education a puppy to quit jumping devoid of the suitable knowledge of the actions can be a overwhelming endeavor. America’s Canine Educator walks you by how to stop the continuous jumping that can be so complicated to quit. If you need to have additional data call America’s Canine Educator here:

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  1. I don't allow bad behaviour from the day I get the pup. I guess I don't see pups as cute as I know how long it takes to correct bad behaviours. My 15 month old wasn't handled by the breeder and was a right biter and strong willed. Now ,however she is a nice and very smart dog. Start as you mean to go on 🙂

  2. A dog is a lower animal that cannot reason and think like humans. Nothing can! A dog has to be conditioned in a clear and consistent way…. not with excuses and talking and getting hurt feelings. A real trainer shows how to do it and why. This fellow is a pro !

  3. love this. I have a big German as a puppy I remember telling my kids " he is going to get 10x bigger do not let him do something he can't do when he is older". great advice

  4. Hi Thomas, thanks for posting this video and sharing your thoughts on building good habits in pups. In your opinion, if one wants to do a month long board and train with their dog and can only afford to do it once, at what age do you recommend it?


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