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This video is taken directly out of our new Standard Dog Obedience DVD. We reveal that doggy coaching is not a cookie cutter application. Just about every doggy is different. Master how you can make a coaching routine that functions for you and your doggy.

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  1. YES! Chopper only eats once a day. He refuses to eat more then once a day. So, eating is the last we do before bed and I deduct what we've used as food rewards throughout the day. I also didn't feed him for a day to build more food drive. It's just a day. It isn't gonna kill them.

    For many training sessions, that does work until you get to service dog public access as I maybe at a public place once in a day for a half an hour but what I did find helpful is to walk him in and out of that public setting. So, a few mins in, then back out for a few mins. Then maybe a few mins longer in then back out a few mins. It's how we started public access anyway once he got into a place (as we did parking lot trainings first. Same thing though. Walk up to the door then back up again and so forth). Then we had to work on duration in the public place.

    But it's the same after working in the public places. Now we are working on picking up the leash in public places. We only do it for 3 to 5 mins then we go work (shop).

    I found this out as time went on that it was best as many short sessions then one long session. Chopper tends to get frustrated, as do I. I take a break. Sit down for a few mins or so and think it over…what I can tweak and do better, then up again to try it again.

    I also learned that having a rough draft plan in my head of what to train and where I want to go in the very near future was a good idea too. Obviously this is led by the dog but I found it helpful in the first year of service dog training to have in mind what to work on then once a week or two we'd have a refresher day and I'd then re-evaluate the rough draft plan. Revisit it. Add more stuff. Keep stuff we need more work on. Then go again.

    Breaks are good too. You've spoken about that many times. Chopper just did his best job inside of a pet store the other day then he's ever had after not being there for 4 months. I expected the worst and tried to set my viewers up for the worst as it had been so long and by gosh he did 1000 times better then he did last time 4 months ago. Breaks are good for both the handler and the dog. My biggest tip to new service dog owner trainers is take breaks. Weekly for a day or two and sometimes for weeks or longer. It really is great for you and the dog to have a break and to just be a dog and just be a owner. You know? Think of you working without breaks. You'd get burnt out fast. So can our dogs.

    Thank you for your guidence! I have sent many your way and will continue to do so. You are the top dog trainers in my opinion! Keep up the amazing work!

  2. We don't have our dog yet but I really appreciate this advice and reminder to keep distraction minimal until he can be successful at each level.


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