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Practice Australian Cattle Puppy Down and Sit on Soaked Ground / NYC Puppy Instruction

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Practice Australian Cattle Puppy Down and Sit on Soaked Ground, NYC Puppy Instruction
Peter Caine Puppy Instruction


  1. I like these kind of videos keep them coming! Im doing more house traing like not getting super excited when gets come, she needs to learn her manors. My pups 9months old very smart more obiediant to my commands. Still more work to be done

  2. My lates addition hated working in the rain but I just worked her through it .Now she just wants to work no matter the weather. Now we're getting high winds and she's not keen but training must continue. Great tips here .Thank you .

  3. Funny. Just got back from soggy ground on a walk and made my aussie/heeler/border collie sit a lot. ha Good to know it was the right thing, thanks.

  4. Great Video


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