Puppy Training

Pet training eleven weeks outdated

Turn your dog into an Obedient, Loyal Pet In Just 5 Days

Does your Dog Bark? or Jump? Do you feel embarrassed with his behavior? Get an easy, effective Dog Training solution for him...now.

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Pet Prodigies neo-natal and early learning system.

Instruction of puppies at eleven weeks outdated


  1. What were you feeding her ? She's big it looks, I have an 11 week old pup lab same color she's not as big as I see yours I just got her from the human society she's such a good girl she's great with my kids we're training her n she listens well

  2. OMG first thing love love puppy and her tricks i also LOVE HER name im going to name my puppy ricochet and i love how you have trianed her and how you prasie her

  3. u mean teach???

  4. Love it! Im gonna learn this to my puppy ^^


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