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I know folks will not like prong collars. I get it, I get why. You try putting just one on and tightening it to the level the prongs are thoroughly engaged. it really is distressing. It is not distressing, nonetheless, to just rest there, and it really is not distressing on a gentle tightening, it just reminds you to halt whatsoever is leading to the force to have interaction, and that’s how we use it. Do not use it on canine that PULL and PULL. It is inhumane. It need to be used on canine that are presently taught to heel and just need to have those at any time-so-slight corrections to fantastic it. Will not acquire shortcuts in instruction your puppy, SD or not!

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White Bear is a Services Pet dog in Teaching. He heels on the appropriate since of my impaired vision, acting as a warning and information. This is not a qualified undertaking, but some thing he does obviously. His qualified tasks are completely distinctive. He could not show up fantastic in every single movie, since he is continue to learning, but he is in no way a community nuisance and in no way draws consideration to himself. If your SDiT does, they could not be ready for community accessibility! Certainly- even if they are undertaking qualified! Remember, you and your service puppy are a community illustration. Constantly leave folks with a very good perception!

I are living in a midwest state exactly where Services Puppies in Teaching (SDiTs) are allowed total community accessibility.


  1. If you have any questions feel free to ask, civil discussion is welcome!

  2. Idiots with your metal lease.

  3. As a trainer I see many teams opt for prongs for various reasons, usually in regards to their individual disabilities. Don't worry about what people say, as long as he's not pulling and you're not yanking this is not a cruel collar. I always tell teams to monitor their use, etc, but I trust them to be responsible, your dog is your partner and not a pet, so it is my hope any proper handler will realize this any be appropriate with their use. But from what I've seen, you know how to use it and he knows how, too. People will complain because of misuse and general ignorance, but at the end of the day the choice is up to each handler, and used appropriately, should not harm the dog. Trust me, I've seen some owners with a gentle leaders and regular collars make their dogs bleed (yeah- it was horrible) and cause soft tissue and skeletal damage. Be a responsible owner and always be aware of what your partner is feeling!

  4. A prong collar is not appropriate service dog gear. If you need to make small corrections, then the gentle leader is FAR more appropriate. I don't think they're the worst things in the world, but they really are not appropriate for service dog gear.


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