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Our Canine in an Work out Induced Collapse Episode

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Our ball-content yellow lab, after 5 minutes of ball fetching on a 75 diploma working day. 🙁 He stiffens, wobbles, and stumbles, then recovers. We are awaiting genetic screening to verify work out-induced collapse dysfunction. I (the mom) worry and inform my little ones to quit seeking to make him lie down (for the reason that he will not in the course of the episodes) then I contradict myself and instantly inform them to just assistance him lie down. What can I say? I was panicking.


  1. Thank you for understanding and posting.

  2. he will lay down. make him or hes gonna spontaneously die

  3. if this were to happen again..sit or lay down with him. he needs to be shown what to do.. very sad.. good luck guys!

  4. There is testing for the parents to avoid this since 2010. Don't use a breeder who doesn't test their bitch for EIC and many other ailments before a litter after the age of 2 only . The male used should have all the same testing.  If they don't do testing/clearances, not highly priced puppies b/c they spend nothing, run in the other direction (Hips, Elbows/OFA, EIC (CNM, DM,) ACVO/CERF/PRA eyes).  It's not worth the lesser priced, poor example of the breed puppy without parental testing.

  5. How is your dog doing now? My one year old golden mix is showing similar symptoms. 🙁


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