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‘Cost Management 2nd Edition (Mini-Case 7.40) Jefferson County owns and operates an animal shelter that performs 3 companies: housing and discovering houses for stray and unwelcome animals, furnishing healthcare and neutering companies for the animals, and pet training companies. Just one facility is focused to housing animals ready to be adopted. A second facility properties veterinarian companies. A third facility properties the director, his staff members, and numerous canine trainers. This facility also has numerous huge conference rooms that are regularly utilised for lessons supplied by the animal trainers. The trainers get the job done with all of the animals to ensure that they are rather easy to take care of. They also offer canine obedience lessons for adopting families. Believed once-a-year expenses for the animal shelter and its companies are as follows: Director and staff members salaries:                  ,000 Animal shelter employees salaries:    , 000 Veterinarians and professionals:            ,000 Animal trainers:                                   ,000 Food stuff and materials:                              ,000 Constructing-associated expenses:                        ,000 On typical, seventy five animals per working day are housed at the facility, or ab

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