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Autism Assistance Pet Assisting A Dad or mum. Schooling by On Command Canine Schooling Middle, Joplin MIssouri.


  1. I see how much freedom Murhpey gives to the parents also, they are able get task done and not worry about their son running off and someone to help with meltdowns

  2. I love seeing service dogs in action it's amazing.

  3. I have bad anxiety and I have been contemplating a service dog. Animals have always helped me. I would need the dog when I am in public and at home. Do you think this isn't a necessary reason to have a service dog?

  4. Hi I'm Abby and I'm wondering how I can be a autism service dog trainer.

  5. Would you guys train service dogs in a different state for autism

  6. Very useful video to watch. Thank you for the upload! (From a mom with a young son with Autism) =)


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