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all right this was a prolonged video so thank you if you watched the whole matter! Im definitely thankful i have brantley and that hes so straightforward to educate simply because i did not see this coming i hardly ever predicted him to be a mobility assistance dog as well. I am new to the mobility aspect given that brantleys work is generally psychiatric. Any handlers out there that have recommendations make sure you convey to me in the reviews! I definitely want my channel to be a community of people who can enable eachother so make sure you no rude or imply reviews. I want to get to know other handlers or everyone who has a disibilty so we can relate to eachother and comprehend eachother. Please share my channel with everyone you think would like to be apart of this community ! my e-mail is [email protected] you can e-mail me with any concerns or if you would like to discuss i am always in this article!

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  1. My dog isn't a service dog really, but I have trained her to respond to my anxiety and panic attacks. I have an iron deficiency and asthma which make me get dizzy pretty often. I use a vest with a pull strap on it and I taught her to pull against me when I pull on it which really helps me balance. She figured out to pull a little on her own and to reinforce that I used praise and treats. Pawsandlove may have some good mobility videos and trainedandmaintained has a couple as well


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