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Kristin Zimmerman and Lisa Myers of Sit Means Sit Southern NJ with their canines “Rocky”, “Sampson”, and “Xanya” at research and rescue education. Our canines are qualified to conduct with or with no any education aides. For more details about dog education in Southern NJ, phone (856)596-8084 or stop by


  1. I don't understand this fixation on the tug of war game for SAR dogs – it is fine for apprehension dogs but a SAR dog should not be encouraged towards such violent reward – an audible indication and toy reward would be far better but then who am I, with only 20 years Police K9 experience in Patrol, Narcotics, SAR and Explosives detection to criticize an "instant expert" franchisee from the great Fred Hassen empire? lol (oh and "probably" wont come into contact – is too big a risk IMHO …

  2. Boy I bet a little lost girl wouldn't shit in her diapers when the dogs that are sent to find her bring her back by dragging her across the ground. What nazi training camp did their training

  3. Love it.

  4. This rocks! Keep up the good work!


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