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Leash education your German Shepherd Pet with Layla The Attractive and German Shepherd Guy

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German Shepherd Guy introduces his pet, Layla The Attractive, to the leash. This is her very first lesson relating to leash education right here on YouTube. Diverse forms of leashes mentioned and how to commence leash education with your German Shepherd pet.


  1. German shepherd man,is it because how your dog's not leave your property often(assuming) or because you are delaying the training for layla the lovely for the videos because I thought you needed to leash train your puppy as soon as you get them,and the same with socialising them.also when starting a young puppy with walking with a leash would you recommend using a choke chain on them(8-15 week old puppy) even when training at home? Also with using a choke chain with teaching a puppy obedience Eg healing,not to get distracted on walking would it make the puppy get used to obeying/want to please better or would it just mean that puppy does not like the feel of the choke chain and not want to pull?

  2. Good info and video as usual

  3. I'm dealing with this these days as well, i have an 11 week old male soled black GS called Sargent 🙂 … Man he is a peace of work

  4. You should make a video on what to do when your GSD gets car sick easily

  5. German Shepherd Man Sir
    That's a nice video with your little cutie 😊. I wanted to see you you train her on leash and off leash as I have a beautiful 2 months old German Shepherd myself. I just don't know how to train him as he is interesting in biting me whenever I play with him. Hope you can help me

  6. Beautiful pup. Raising/Breeding German Shepherds, living in Florida… life can be good. 🙂


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