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Jake in Pup Teaching Class

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Jake in his 3rd week of pup teaching courses with Jennifer of PetSmart. Jake is a extended haired miniature dachshund from Splendor Farms (splendorfarms.com) in Bush, Louisiana.


  1. How old is this dog? Obviously it is her own dog. Time to stop luring and truly positively reward a dog.
    positions are sloppy and no need to be seated on floor. Sorry.

  2. You don't really have to yell.

  3. Her tone of voice is not what I would like

  4. Is this her own dog????If so then the title is mistitled….nice dog.

  5. Impressive!

  6. Thank you for sharing Jake's training session! That was great to see.  We are picking up our own miniature dachshund in one week.  Doing lots of research.  How old was Jake here?


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