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  1. Zazuu❤️❤️ what is the size of the crate?

  2. Somebody gave us a large crate along with a dog we agreed to adopt and I use it for young chicks when they are old enough to go out to the barn, sort of like chick kindergarten. We have never crated a dog, all ours are rescues and we heard all the bad stories about each one before they came and they all worked out fine with consistent training, expectations and love. No clickers either. Farmers don't really go for that sort of thing but we are used to handling our beloved animals in a calm, mostly!, manner and each one has done well and there have been many over the 40 yrs of this farm. The bed: it's a king and sometimes I feel like I am sleeping in Noah's ark, but it's what works for us. Our only night issue is the cat named Trouble who likes to tap on the keyboard at night, but cats have their own rules. Looks like you are doing well with your dogs. I only had one dog in the years when I was younger and not on a farm and it was a lot of work to raise a dog that always had to be leashed or contained. I admire your efforts.

  3. I love zazu…. Even I have lab dog…. He just look like zazu…. He is henry

  4. Good training classes. Keep up the good work!!!

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