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Intro to Prong Collar Before and After | Dog Training Video

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This video is all about Paolo being introduced to a Prong Collar! Paolo used to be a difficult pet for his owners because he would constantly pull his owners when they went on a walk. In this video we show you how mild the prong collar can be and how Paolo reacts to it! You can see that during the first walk, Paolo didn’t look at me the entire time, but after only a few seconds, he checks in with me and continues to check in after. Only after 2 minutes and 15 seconds, I took Paolo for a walk and he is completely different than he was before!

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  1. the people in the comments of this video are idiotic and simply can't see other ways to use prongs THEY ARE A TOOL which can work as a correction or they can be negative depending how you use them so stop being fucking pussies

  2. TLDR: The physics of prong collars proves they are a source of pain hence why they work. Read on to see more.

    What is the difference between a normal collar and a prong collar?

    Regular collar is flat so it distributes force over a larger surface area reducing the apparent force of a tug making it more comfortable thereby causing a dog to be more likely to pull because the negative of pulling is reduced by the mechanical disadvantage of a conventional collar.

    Prong collars are designed with points instead of a flat surface in contact with the dog's neck. This increases force on the dogs neck by focusing any pull into tiny points which will press into the dogs neck creating the desired behavior. This will increase mechanical advantage of the user allowing for easy corrections. Which is good right?

    Yes and no. If the goal is to control the dog by any means necessary yes this product is effective and powerful. If the goal is to train your dog in a humane manner without pain it is completely useless. Reason being a small tug on this collar as demonstrated in your video will amplify the force placed on the Dog's neck causing discomfort and compliance just like a vigorous tug on a conventional collar would in the same scenario. People say that a prong collar is useless I say not quite. But a user of a prong collar cannot defend their position by saying it doesn't cause pain or that it isn't a patch or a quick fix. Because it is using pain to create a desired behavior and it is shown time and again pain is not a motivator.

    In summary: A patch can be used to save a sinking ship but don't expect one to make a boat seaworthy.

  3. Lol if I were you hun I’d just turn comments off in prong related videos… all these drop kicks with no idea give me a fucking headache 🙄

  4. When she said before and after, i misunderstood it to mean that she would show us the effectiveness after the prong collar is removed. I have never seen how this has affected a dog's behavior after the collar is removed. Anyone have any answers to this? Thanks!

  5. He isn't pulling because it hurts him,he has no choice!

  6. I'm new to your channel. Really helpful video. How would you describe your training style. Thanks in advance.

  7. you should stop using prong collars. they don't teach them anything except that walks are not fun. i use genital leads with training dogs, they are not painful at all.

  8. So you havent actually taught the dog anything apart from not being able to pull when that collar is on. Expecting a dog to be in heel position on walks, unless they're very short is just cruel.


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