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## Robots, And so forth:

Terex Port automation:

Command | Cat MieStar Process.:

Bosch Automotive Technological know-how:

Atlas Update:

Kiva Units:

PhantomX working Phoenix code:

iRobot, Do You:

New pharmacy robot at QEHB:

Briggo Coffee Expertise:

John Deere Autosteer ITEC Professional 2010. In use even though cultivating:

The Duel: Timo Boll vs. KUKA Robot:

Baxter with the Electricity of Intera 3:

Baxter Investigate Robot SDK one.:

Baxter the Bartender:

On the internet Income Registers Contact-Screen EPOS Process Demonstration:

Self-Service Test in:

Robot to engage in Flappy Chook:

e-david from University of Konstanz, Germany:


Empty Car Convoy:

Intelligent robots for crops:

Autonomously folding a pile of 5 earlier-unseen towels:

LS3 Observe Tight:

Robotic Dealing with material:

Caterpillar automation venture:

Common Robots has reinvented industrial robotics:

Introducing WildCat:

The Human Mind Challenge – Video Overview:

This Robot Is Modifying How We Get rid of Disorders:

Jeopardy! – Watson Activity 2:

What Will You Do With Watson?:

## Other Credits

Mandelbrot set:

Moore’s legislation graph:

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Beer Robot Fail m2803:

All Wales Ambulance Advertising Video:

Clyde Robinson:

Time lapse Painting – Monster Spa:


  1. The problem is that unemployment is not going up. There is no radically new automation in the last few years, just incremental improvements, so the process should have already started and be on the rise. It is not.

  2. Better start now figuring out what on Earth you're going to spend the rest of your life doing when the rest of your life is just one long summer holiday with practically endless money at your disposal.

  3. If you've played Detroit: Become Human, you already have seen what this looks like when robots take over an absolutely huge amount of work. (Unemployment was at about 35% in the game!)

  4. Why the fuck would anyone be worried?! More sleep time!

  5. so bots can replace us all in due time, but will we let them?

  6. This is the most disturbing thing I have seen in my life and I have seen deaths happen in reality. If this is true which it is well god help us all.

  7. This is the best video on the impact of neural networks I've seen so far.
    I've seen many badly researched videos made by idiots who know nothing about AI at all and are like "AI is gonna go rogue and will exterminate us all!".
    It's such a relief that someone competent has finally made a video on this. Liked, subscribed and favorited. You can have all of my cookies.

  8. cars took out the horses and made more jobs even do it took down some jobs.
    jobs will never die, they just evolve, just like animals, some dont work and they die but there are still other animals that make new animals, diffrently.

    ps: englhis is not my first languige. so yhea.

  9. 0:120:22 is an argument for Universal Basic Income in 10 seconds

  10. Well this benefits humans as a whole. Too bad us humans have somehow made this into a devastating problem

  11. If bots replace us all within a couple decades or so, they will not only have the means of production but will also BE the means of production. We're heading towards an economic system we've never seen before.

  12. Shot in north york empress walk lawblaws 👌

  13. This is why you need 5+ years in college to get a job. You reduce costs and make lives "easier", but at the same cut off ways for people to earn a living. All excesses are wrong.

  14. We need a Universal basic income.

  15. One major thing: glitches

    Edit: Minimum of two that is: sentient/ self-aware AIs also included.

    Reference: Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS with its cyberworld schtick + ARC-V with the tangible hologram. Well, granted, everything in that world is solved by card games… but how about things in ours?

  16. We live in a simulation. None of this matters.

  17. I honestly love scientific development, but seeing what else it can do has made me wary of it as well.

  18. what you are not considering in your equation is that when something get faulty the manager can scream to one of his employees to fix it and he will use creativity, robots on the other hand can do only what's in their reach which is very little stuff… humans cost relatively very low for the variety of manual work they can do.

  19. Everything will be free and we will just have to concentrate on colonizing other planets

  20. 1. Robots make production of goods and services cheaper
    2. Prices drop
    3. Robots are cheaper
    4. Prices drop
    5. Having a job no longer becomes essential because you can feed your self for basically free
    6. The rich people live in amazing future cities and the 'poor' people live off unemployment benefits in current day middle class conditions

  21. I would love to catch up on my morning sleep while my car drives me to work. Kinda like the train, except without the worry of missing a stop.

  22. I wish this could lead to a post-scarcity utopia, but capitalism won't allow for that.

  23. Baxter more like mr handy But seriously when will we get it handy

  24. Humans are more specialized than horses. I think changes will take slowly and differently.

  25. This sounds like a prelude to the world of Idiocracy.


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