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Ideas For Traveling With A Provider Puppy – Plane Journey Ideas – Diabetic issues Migraines Alert

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The Provider Puppy Academy will help people practice the best behaved pet pet dogs and teaches pet puppy obedience courses in Seattle. Element of your instruction fees support gain our low cost service doggy instruction system. This video clip addresses how to support you have a prosperous airline journey knowledge with your service doggy.


  1. Just order dog food online and have it sent to the hotel. There are a places that offer free shipping for over $49 of food, which isn't hard to meet with service dog food (Chewy, Wag, Petco, PetSmart) and Amazon requires only $35 minimum for free shipping without Prime.

    This video was mostly about emergencies while travelling. Can you make another one about TSA security protocols for service dog handlers? Also tips about visiting amusement parks as some offer special benefits (like crates) for service dogs while others do not.

  2. When is your next class ? Do you plan on coming to NYC area anytime soon ?
    My e-mail [email protected]
    I have a 3 year old released Lab from a local Guide Dog school.

  3. Did she sue the dogs owner that bit her service dog???

  4. this lady is the best (service) doggy mommy on the planet!!

  5. Oh I would have to agree completely. I just wish at times people would be more respectful of me, my space and my boy's need to do his job.

  6. Pretty much, yeah. I don't know what I'd do without my boy, but it takes a lot of preparation.

  7. Kinda like a two year old child in the coolest costume that people have ever seen.


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