Puppy Training

How to Treatment for New child Puppies : Puppy dog Development Phases

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Puppies expand pretty fast and studying how to establish the age of a pup is vital. Learn much more about pup advancement stages with guidelines from a veterinary technician in this no cost pup care video.

Professional: Megan Webb
Get hold of: www.volunteerforanimals.org
Bio: Megan Webb has been Volunteer Manager at Oakland Animal Services for 6 years and served as Interim Director at different periods.
Filmmaker: Sam Lee


  1. Puppies grow up fast.

  2. guys my bernard is 40 days old and he weighs 1.8 kilos and he is a bit short and the vet told it can become a dwarf can anyone suggest any medication

  3. hi my bitch gave birth a week ao 2 day and i am a bit worred as mum seems yo be runing out of milk is ther any think i can give her to help her produse milk as u woodant evan no my girls had pups from the look of her as she is drying up

  4. @DaisyLaur are you retared?

  5. she said 7 months.

  6. lol it doesn't look 12 days old at all ,but its too cute =]


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