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How To Train A Barking Chihuahua (And Other Dogs With Nuisance Barking)

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If you have a dog who displays nuisance barking it’s important to understand what works and what doesn’t work in their training. This video gives the how-to’s and the how-not’s to deal with nuisance barking.


  1. I have this same issue with my chihuahua. She barks at the door and guests for the first 10 minutes they are here. I have tried sending her to her bed which is actually in her kennel. She will go right there but she continues barking and once she is calm and I let her out she runs to the guest and starts barking again anyways. My dachshund doesn't bark but he gets so excited he jumps on people so I use the same method of sending him to his kennel and removing him from the situation. Once he is calm and I let him out he goes right to the guest and jumps on them again. Can you give any advice on what to do AFTER you send them to their "place". I hate just having to leave them in their kennel the whole time I have guests just because they are so excited and anxious. 

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  3. Great advice Ty–thanks! We will sure try this method at home. I'm thinking it would also work when out for a walk? I can use a sit command? What if the dog won't obey a sit command? Should we gently push his butt down? Our Chihuahua, Jack, is working on "Anger Management". He seems to hate all dogs and most people. He will start barking and it winds up into a rather frenzied bark-shake-spin-growl kind of routine. We usually end up picking him up–but that doesn't stop it either. I have also tried bringing him in close to my legs and holding him there (using his leash. 
    Jack was a rescue dog–we think he is about 2 yrs old but we have no idea what he grew up with. The woman at the shelter said he didn't get along well with her other dogs so he stayed in with the cats. 
    I love our "Little Bug" but I would like to see him a bit more friendly….


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