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How To Teach Your Canine To Sit And Lie Down

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Have you at any time required to get very good at pet dog care. Well look no more than this tips movie on How To Teach Your Canine To Sit And Lie Down. Observe Videojug’s business leaders as they enable you via this tips movie.

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  1. My puppy boxer mix is not lisining I did this for a good 2 weeks and he is not even close I did everything that the lady said just for sitting and he isn't doing so good. Tell me if you have any Tips

  2. my dog already knew how to sit she just needs to work to lie down

  3. lol when i did the leg thing to lie down it looked like my dog was doing the limbo

  4. Does this work for old dogs?

  5. This method doesn't work

  6. It's kind of working for me. I kind of just have to wait until he gets fed up and sits down. When try to bring the treat down his back he either just barks, steps back, or spins so the treat it at his head!

  7. in less than an hour my puppy learned how to seat perfectly!! THANK A LOT VIDEOJUG!!! =)


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