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HOW TO Teach A Dog TO RING A BELL TO GO Outdoors

In this online video, I teach a pup how to ring a bell to sign when he needs to go potty and focus on some critical potty coaching ideas to put into action before teaching a puppy how to do this.

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  1. Just started this with a Foster Failure overgrown puppy from the pound. We are trying to discourage jumping & lunging on the back door, so decided on bell training.

  2. My dog will ring the bell but is only associating ringing the bell with getting a treat. I open the door for him to go out but he will grab the bells and really ring them, and bark at me. Lol. Any suggestions?

  3. Ravioli!

  4. Can you do a video on what to do if your dog uses the bathroom in your house? My dog was potty trained when we adopted her, we put her on a schedule and it works. Every once in a blue moon she may poop in the house. I don’t know if it’s because we aren’t giving her enough time outside but she will literally walk us back to the house when she’s is ready to go in so we assume she is finished. Then maybe 30 mins later she will poop by the front door. So once this happens what’s our next move?
    We definitely feel like she is trying to tell us so I’m going to incorporate the bell training

  5. Thanks for breaking this down! I always wondered how this process works

  6. Just started this with my 9 week old lappie.

  7. Such a cute pup


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