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How to Instruct Your Pet dog to Sit

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Teaching your puppy to sit establishes believe in and also generates a basis for other tricks.

Phase 1: Simply call them
Simply call your dog’s title. When they enter the space, make eye contact and present them a single of the puppy treats in your ideal hand.

Follow this trick just prior to your dog’s frequent mealtime so the take care of will be a far more successful reward.

Phase 2: Abide by the take care of
When the dog’s awareness is centered on the take care of, move the take care of to their eye degree, just higher than their nose. Carry on to slowly but surely move the take care of up and more than the dog’s head.

Phase 3: Assuming the sitting position
As the puppy follows the take care of with their eyes, they should really increase their head and decrease their backside and rear legs to the ground. If your puppy is continue to standing on all fours, carefully thrust their back close down. In either case, give the command “sit” adopted by your dog’s title.

Generally make absolutely sure to say the command and title in the very same order every time.

Phase 4: Mastering the trick
Repeat these methods until finally your puppy can sit on command. Reward them with a take care of and terms of praise these types of as “Superior puppy!”

Did You Know?
Each and every episode of “Household Ties” finished with a photograph of Ubu, the puppy of the Tv set show’s creator, and the command “Sit, Ubu, sit.”

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