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Educating a pet not to bite young children is all about making your dog’s tolerance. Instruct puppies not to bite young children with aid from a experienced pet coach and actions guide in this free of charge online video clip.

Qualified: Jamie Bozzi
Bio: Jamie Bozzi, BA, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP, CC, is a experienced pet coach and actions guide.
Filmmaker: Rafael Rodriguez

Series Description: A significant element of possessing a pet will involve studying to regulate that dog’s actions. Get pet recommendations with aid from a experienced pet coach and actions guide in this free of charge online video series.


  1. This provides good advice for escaping from a potential bite. It doesn't say anything about teaching a dog that bites kids to no longer do that.

  2. There are many factors in house training a dog. One place I found which succeeds in merging these is the Bevs Booster Guide (google it if you're interested) definately the best guide that I have ever seen.Check out all the unbelievable info .

  3. I was nervous, seeing that eHow has dog training videos. I thought "What does eHow know about dog training??". But I stand corrected!!

  4. Great advice. So often people overlook the reason or what preludes the bite. Supervise cannot be said enough…

  5. I'm dead lost, is this video how to teach dogs or How to teach Kids not to get bitten by one?

  6. I thought i would be the first to post a comment here, but someone got here before me.. im so upset… i cant stop crying… GOD DAMN YOU PETER PARKER…

  7. Dam


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