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How to encourage my pet dog to hear to me devoid of the use of treats.

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How to encourage my pet dog to hear to me devoid of the use of treats.

In this episode, I will make clear what sort of inspiration functions with pet dogs and how do pet dogs get inspired? You may possibly say by treats but in this video, I will consider to confirm you wrong.

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I want you to consider of this plan that I am likely to share with you not as an outlaw but a various stage of perspective. I want you to open up your mind and consider outdoors of the box.

But let me give you my particular story of how I bought began to consider in another way about pet dog instruction and how pet dogs get inspired.

It all began about sixteen many years ago when I brought dwelling Jonah the beagle, my initially pet dog at nine months aged. I took several months off my work to choose care of him.

Those people several months turned out to be the most substantial and essential months in mine and Jonah’s daily life which also changed my daily life. In the course of this time, I spent some good quality time with him. I figured out a lot about him and he figured out a lot about me.

I also figured out that he was making an attempt quite hard to link and bond with me. I was being his mentor and I began to accept the simple fact that he was my son now.

So, I have figured out that pet dogs are inspired by perform or praise or both equally. That is because you are spending time with your pet dog. That is what I connect with good quality time spent with each other.

Not lots of people do that. They never invest with their pet dogs or puppies focusing on them fully particularly in this working day and age. We emphasis on our phone or our digital world more than ever and devoid of genuinely focusing on your pet dog, not only you are depended on substance stuff or points to link with your pet dog, but you are disconnected variety your pet dog.

When you use treats or clicker or drive, you may possibly get final results but the emphasis of the pet dog is not to you but to the resources that has been made use of. But also, you are focused on resources and not emotions. You are focusing on, obtaining what sort of food to use? What size of food should you use? You also require to keep in mind to use verity of meals and treats like sausage, stakes or cheese.

It’s like indicating, if you work for me I will spend you wage. And we all know what happens when we work for wage or work for someone. We never really give our hundred p.c. It’s a job just after all.

But consider of it this way. What happens when you do what you love? You give your hundred p.c and love what you do no matter whether you get paid out for it or not.

So, Believe about it. Do you require to use treats to practice your pet dog? Glimpse at it from a various stage of perspective.

Making use of treats, despite the fact that may possibly glance like it functions but consider about what are the detrimental repercussions that you are projecting to your romantic relationship.

Aim on the large photo. The very long-phrase final results. The romantic relationship and what it arrives and involves in it. Not what you want to have or see now.

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  1. I completely agree .. I always loved my pets & am Hands on 100% and it’s a natural way to Connect with them
    .. no treats for trick just love and constant interaction . They know me I know them

  2. Saro, I think I'm spending too much time watching your videos and I need to spend more time with my dogs ! ha ha

  3. Awesome! Thanks Saro

  4. This was so beautiful to watch … thank you. Your work with dogs and teaching is such a blessing …

  5. fantastic way of explaining it. thank you so much. I motivate my dogs with praise and hugs and play most of time but when i am tired or having an off day, i use the odd treat. both my dogs are very loving and enjoy attention. I generally see any 'bad' behavior comes from something connected to how they are feeling eg being ignored when i am busy, not getting enough walks etc. My male Benji is well behaved but when he feels ignored he takes tissues from the bin and shreds them. thank you for this video xx


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