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  1. No cats were harmed in the making of this video

  2. You know I thought you were going to make a sensible argument at first but it basically just plummeted into the obvious ignorance and fear of anything black and plastic. Keep in mind, Alex: AR-15s are Semi-automatic. A fair amount of american guns come under this. I live in australia, and our politicians piss their pants at a gun even being relatively semi-automatic. Funnily enough, this hasn't stopped gangs from developing their own sub-machineguns, capable of launching a lot more bullets in a shorter amount of time. The Lindt cafe wasn't held up by a scary AR-15, it was an old semi-automatic shotgun, which is one of the most common weapons in your country. If AR-15s are banned as a measure, you're just going to be seeing a lot more troubled children running around with shotguns rather then rifles. Which is likely worse, because your country does not outrule the use of pellets. So instead of 5.56, it's going to be 12g Pellets which basically can severly damage a human limb.

    Luckily, Your supreme court and state representetives aren't as miseducated as you upon guns.

  3. I have a dog my cat ran out of my house

  4. Nra

  5. Texas has more tigers in captivity than in the wild and has less big cat maulings than south africa. Almost like registered big cat owners don't own cats that hurt people

  6. Put a cat in your mouth and pull the trigger

  7. I'm not a liberal but background checks should cover mental illness (Ben Shapiro is my dad)

  8. 33,000 people died of gunshot wounds, and there were 76,000 “incidents” in which someone died or was injured from gunshot wounds. Many of them were kids. Did 17 people die at parkland, so that those who advocate for justice are branded as crazy gun-stealers? Did 20 first graders die at sandy hook in vain? These are not faceless numbers either. Each of these people has a name, a story. Many of them were children. Once a month, in every school across the country, there are lockdown drills. Practicing for a day that you hope will never come. A day where you hear gunshots echoing through the hallways. One time, during school there was a lockdown drill, but nobody in the room heard that it was a lockdown drill. We thought that we might die. We just hoped that it would end. That was a year before parkland. A month after parkland there was a fire drill. I stayed close to the walls so I could hide in the nearest classrooms, in case a shooter had tricked us into becoming easy targets. Older generations have not felt that terror. The most powerful guns civilians could get were shotguns. Now you can get a machine gun when you turn 18. If 33,000 people died of a preventable disease each year in the US what would happen? There would be public outcry, states of emergency declare, huge sums given to find a cure. 33,000 people die of a preventable disease in the US each year. That disease is gun violence. The cure is simple: make guns harder to get. There is a congressional amendment banning gun violence research. That alone is a shame. I could die tomorrow. You could. Anyone could. Yet many don’t try to stop that. To quote an article I once read about gunshot wounds from AR-15s. “I saw a small entry wound in his leg, and I thought to myself: that can’t be too bad. I turned him over, and his whole inner thigh had been blown out.” If that is ‘low powered’, than what is ‘high powered’? Stand with all children everywhere against gun violence, and march to end it. It can be stopped, it has been stopped, and we can stop it. If not, does the US stand for liberty… or needless violence. END NEEDLESS DEATH AND JOIN THE MOVEMENT TODAY!

  9. laws don't stop criminals

  10. Mrs.snra then where’s the husband?

  11. This clears up so much confusion I've had with guns. It's a pretty cool analogy

  12. Although not a perfect metaphor, it gets the point across. I believe that the entire point of this video can be neatly summarized by this quote: "And while this [more gun regulations] won't solve all cat [gun] problems, there's a good chance it will help with a lot". People do need to get more vocal about their views on gun regulations as it seems that the primary voice comes from a relatively small proportion of people.

  13. good vid but SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED

  14. the problem with this is that cats are living, sentient beings, and guns arent….
    a gun needs a handler to do things… a cat doesnt

  15. Now I will explain the crazy gun people with cats:

    To "crazy cat people", the normal, nice cats are boring, they don't really have a fire in them, there's no thrill playing with them, it's much, MUCH more fun to play with a really big and dangerous cat. Now, my opinion on the matter of stopping dangerous cats hurting lots of people is that we simply don't know enough about them. Some studies say one thing, other studies say something COMPLETELY different. Sometimes it may seem like banning all the big bad cats stops violence, when in reality the violence was already stopping for another reason, and the ban had nothing to do with violence slowing down. I think that no massive changes should be made to this situation until we know more about what really will stop cats going and scratching people. All these people using cats to hurt people are certainly not part of the majority of "crazy cat people", and we hate them as much as you, because if bad cats get banned because of them, it not only stops them, it hurts us too.

  16. No. Americans will not budge. We like our rights. When abortion advocates agree to "Common-sense third trimester abortion control" we can talk. Until then, no. Guns and abortion come down to rights over feelings. I don't care about your feelings. Each new push for gun control will just make Americans buy more guns. You literally are the best advocates for gun sales. We turned Obama's "Yes we can!" into "No you can't!". You will lose. No amount of propaganda, Hogg & Goblin marches, or cutesy cartoons will change that. No. We refuse. Molon labe.

  17. I like cats

  18. I was really pro gun but this convinced me to lighten up on gun laws

  19. The cat lady’s name was nra (the NRA)

  20. This video is further proof that the "gun control" debate is truly between people who know about guns and those that don't. itsAlexClark is the latter.

  21. If you train the cat to be less aggressive

  22. My cat was sleeping on me as I watched this….

  23. On the constitution of Independence it says everyone can own a cat. Now like you said not all cats are bad. But lets say we get rid of them. Oh theres a new type of mean cat. Lets get rid of that one. Everytime you remove a cat a new bad evile cat will pop up. Maybe have stricture cat background check so some people dont get ones with rabies.

  24. NO SUCH THING AS BAD CATS. All CATS are precious. Also I don't see a metaphor here. But on a completely unrelated note, my AR15 with a 30 rnd mag don't need no banning, or limiting. Quality video though. But it's the owners who treat the cats poorly who make them bad. Those people should be not aloud to get these cats.


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