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Right here I go in excess of all the gear, equipment, materials, and even toys I use for my conventional poodle guide pet. She has a ton of issues!


  1. Where are you in Canada

  2. Thank you for the video!

    For harness handle pouches/covers check out GuideDogInc or Patience and Love on Etsy. P&E make CUSTOM handle covers so you can pick what you'd like and they all have a zipper pouch in the back. Samantha is wonderful to work with and have made my service dog's.

    Can't wait for more videos, cheers!

  3. I really enjoyed this video! I was also cracking up at how long it took Cindy to eat her food. 🙂 Franci would've destroyed it in 30 seconds!

  4. I love that video! It makes me long for a poodle. 🙂 I would really be interested about that grooming video. I personally have an excellent groomer but I would love to know how it can be done without sight. I think you have some vision, don't you? I'm totally blind but still very interested in grooming.

  5. love this so much 🙂


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