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German Essential Canine Commands – Canine Teaching – Doberman

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In this online video I will present you what instructions ought to you use if you want to prepare your Doberman in German!

Teaching your doggy with German instructions is no unique than schooling them in English. All you will need to know are the German words and how to effectively pronounce them. In this online video you will come across a checklist of common instructions in English, followed by German equivalent and English pronunciation.

Notice that I am not German, and I never talk german, so it really is usual that my accent is not appropriate.

Generally use good reinforcement when schooling your doggy!

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  1. Can i give glucon d orange solution to my doberman

  2. Nice video! And btw, where's the new one? It's already saturday and i'm excited waiting for it!

  3. Ok the craziest thing just happened to me today. I saved my Dobermans life, he picked up a stick and started running around with it and started coughing, then my training from med school kicked in and I stopped him and stuck my hand down his throat and took out a piece of the stick that he was playing with. DONT GIVE DOGS STICKS. He almost died today, I pulled out a bloody stick from his throat. I will never ever forget this day

  4. My Doberman speaks German and English too
    He was born and trained in Luxembourg Germany

  5. I already taught all the tricks now what to do

  6. we actually train/teach our dogs Russian, as my wife is native Russian but also speaks fluent English. and as almost nobody in the USA speaks Russian (except immigrated Russians) we use the Russian language for the same reasons — the dogs will only listen to us as no one would know the commands we use

  7. i teach mine in kurdish

  8. This was awesome because i just got a Doberman imported from Germany.

  9. Good information! Even though I am German, so I already use the german commands 😀

  10. I’m an Indian and I use my mother tongue Marathi to teach my doberman and believe me, he is so intelligent that he learnt the whole sentence in my mother tongue in just 10 days. I was stunned to see this. So I think dogs especially are so brilliant that they can easily pickup any language very quickly. Only you must constantly keep talking with them like we talk with kids in early stages.

  11. I use German to my dog's too ,like Actune , attention, shenll speed it up,nine,NO !!! work's for me & when people walk by my house & when I use German it shock's them !!!! those dog's are trained in German attack dog's !!!! gard Dog's ,my Doberman"s names are Sabrina Cobra Jet ,& Blue Sampson !!!!

  12. Awesome cool video buddy. But trust me the dude in the video who giving the command on "german" does not speak german. Or he has a crazy odd accent.
    Trust me I speak german… (like the most Swiss people).
    Tha funny thing is, i've started with Schutzhund training with my dobermann (11 month but already 46 kg). We teach them the commands on English. Because not everyone over here speak English nor know he appropriate commands on English.
    May I ask you two question.
    Are you the guy in this video giving commands? I'm just asking because very odd german accent.
    And do you plan in near feature a episode about military K9 dobermanns? I can provide you raw videos of my training with my dobie.
    As allways great video and can't wait for the episode.

  13. Good information

  14. At 00:50 when I say "here's a list of common commands in English" what I want to say is: "Here's a list of common commands in English, followed by German equivalent and English pronunciation."

    Write in the comments which language do you use to train your doberman?


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