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Georgie | Golden Retriever Puppy dog Teaching Greensboro NC

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Georgie – Golden Retriever Residency Puppy dog Teaching

Hi, this is Georgie. Georgie is a four thirty day period outdated Golden Retriever puppy from Greensboro, NC. Georgie visited us early by most requirements and he has done exceptionally perfectly.

Why do I say early?

It is not early for Georgie as he can only benefit from the basis of finding out fantastic behaviors and obedience. It is ordinarily early from a expense stand point for the operator.

Young puppies (just before four months) discover all the positives and discover from their bad behaviors, it is just that they are not often experienced ample to carry them forward by means of existence. Georgie’s mother and father and I could have to do a follow-up at five-6 months as Georgie starts to really feel far more assured and fills into the adolescent role. Figuring out what to do when a puppy seriously starts to test is important. I am often here for that to occur, I just like to advise what could take place as a pup gets more mature.

Teaching Golden Retrievers is a whole lot of enjoyable. They are happy, welcoming and commonly want to remember to. All we have to do is offer the want to and the leadership.

Georgie matches that mold. He is welcoming. He is happy. And, he is laid back again … at least at four months. When you look at the video you will see how perfectly he obeys when becoming consistently distracted by the cats, the chilly breeze and existence in common.

We exercise on leash obedience and tackle behaviors in our residencies.. We use each verbal and hand signals with each individual command. Our operator will then come out and start off to discover what we have taught him. If we require to, follow-ups will be presented here at no further demand for the existence of the doggy.

As happy as Georgie is, I warranty he will be even happier having boundaries proven by a true chief. Why? Because he will know his role in the pack. All canines require boundaries and framework from a consistent chief.

If I can at any time respond to any concerns, remember to do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

Jim Hodges
Jim Hodges Canine Teaching


  1. Great video, video-bombed by the cats! The puppy was wonderful, and your training was excellent, but the cats stole the show 🙂

  2. Thank you for the training help. We are getting our Golden puppy in two weeks, so I will be rewatching your video MANY times I'm sure 🙂


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