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Hello there!
First, I took her assistance pet dog patches off prior to we went into the (pet pleasant) store, due to the fact her In Schooling patches have not arrived nevertheless. They will be right here tomorrow, so following time we go out, I will have them.
I know she was not perfect, but I am proud of her regardless.

Many thanks for observing!


  1. So cool my SDIT have the same vest and about the same size as it dog (boxer mix) and tractor supply was the first place we started to 👌🏼great job

  2. She did great for a first outing! I agree with clipping the leash to the collar this helps give you better "steering" too. I use a 1 1/2 inch wide martingale collar so the strap is less likely to hurt if he pulls. When starting out in new places it helps my dog to sit periodically and take in his surroundings before moving on. Parks and sidewalks can also give you exposure to lots of other distractions. The most important thing is keep it fun and practice every day.

  3. Maybe try some classes with other dogs and distractions. You'd get some good pointers.

  4. Something that may help is moving her leash to the collar instead of on the harness. Attaching a leash to a harness encourages a dog to pull so with the whole heeling issue you're having of her trying to walk ahead and maybe because she feels the tension on the vest thus wanting to pull

  5. omg she did so well!! I’m so happy for you! good job sky 💕


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