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Educating Your Dog Spatial Force – Dog Instruction Do it yourself 2020

Jeff demonstrates training your pet dog how to wander just behind you by employing spatial pressure. This can be valuable with canines who are inclined to forge forward on walks. It also can help the pet dog fully grasp the owner’s worth and produces more engaged canines. This is a fantastic pet dog schooling resource for any pet dog homeowners dealing with pet dog who show leash reactivity on walks as well.

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Strong K9 Instruction, launched by award-winning, internationally-acclaimed pet dog coach Jeff Gellman, is a single of the nations most powerful and highly regarded pet dog schooling companies giving no-nonsense, “Genuine Earth” schooling methods all over New England. Serving pet dog homeowners from Hartford, CT to Boston, MA in our multifaceted, protected and 24/seven staffed Strong K9 Instruction Center in Providence, RI, as well as all all over the nation with Jeff’s wildly prosperous RV Dog Trainer Tour. We will educate any pet dog, irrespective of breed, condition, sizing or historical past. We function to resolve all pet dog habits challenges like excessive barking, growling, snapping, nipping, pet dog aggression (combating), human aggression (biting), baby aggression, pulling on leash, leash aggression, leash reactivity, skateboard reactivity, resource guarding, leaping on folks, concern challenges, anxiousness challenges, separation anxiousness, chewing and destroying house things, managing away, not listening, door bolting, thieving meals, receiving into the trash, cat aggression, chasing game, and killing animals/game. We also have a renowned track record specializing in obedience schooling, which incorporates heeling and walking properly on a leash, sit/remain, down/remain, put, recall schooling (appear to operator), and crate schooling. Our Instruction companies involve Board and Teach behavioral modification, 1 on 1 Instruction, Obedience Courses, Dog Instruction plans, Boarding / Board & Participate in, Daycare, and lots of free of charge pet dog schooling methods like Dog schooling advice videos, pet dog schooling webinars, and Dog Instruction Q and A videos on Youtube Dwell weekly. Our habits modification schooling is slicing edge, employing methods like contemporary lower amount E-collar (remote collar) schooling and meals and clicker schooling. Strong K9 Instruction has a all over the world track record of remaining ready to manage the most demanding pet dog behaviors and normally occasions other pet dog trainers will refer their more serious cases to us.


  1. Fabulous as always – my Dutch Shepherd is stubborn and always wants to forge ahead – I'm sure we need to be more consistent too. Love the drive way walks.

  2. Jeff demonstrates teaching your dog how to walk just behind you by using spatial pressure.

    We are putting the dog in follow mode.

    We are getting dog to be more in tune with human. We are getting dog to be more engaged with the human.

    This can be helpful with dogs who tend to forge ahead, that is pull, on walks. It also helps the dog understand the owner's value and creates more engaged dogs.

    This is a great dog training tool for any dog owners dealing with dog who exhibit leash reactivity on walks as well.

    Foundational work. Doing various protocols on the driveway in preparation for the walk on the street.

    When do gets a little head of you, do an inside 180 degree turn, pop back the leash then walk into the dog, bumping into dog, forcing it to back up. Turn inside again, continuing bumping the dog as it walks backwards. When the dog does back up, we say that the dog is disengaging. That is disengaging from the pull and forward position.

    When the dog disengages, Mark with Good.

    This bumping makes the dog uncomfortable, discomfort, make the dog aware of Space. Bumping creates Spatial Pressure. Discomfort makes the dog aware of Space. Makes the dog aware of Space.

    The bumping forces dog to pay attention to human. To be aware of human.

    Repeat this method many, many times.

    Now that dog has experienced the bumping, it will want to follow the human, giving the human some space.

    The vary act of bumping, and the dog learning to deal with the bumping by disengaging, in itself teaches dog to stay in back.

  3. Madly in love with you and your training methods Jeff! You have helped me so much with my four litter mates 6 months old pit bull great pyrenees . keeping two selling two want them ready with the basics!

  4. Thank you for your good work. I have been following you for years. This one is helpful with my 2 yr old GSD. I have been having trouble keeping her back, but I have always turned away from her when doing 180’s. Tried this technique this morning, and it seems to be helping. Watching your videos helps motivate me to keep working on the training.

  5. Thank you!

  6. Such good stuff.

  7. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever heard this term or even seen it demonstrated for heeling.

  8. Thanks.

  9. This is great!!!! Thank you for showing this spacial pressure technique.

  10. Excellent video! Thank you for sharing

  11. THANK YOU!!!

  12. I'm going to try this with my 9month old gsd as he barks at everything as soon as were outside xx

  13. I love this so much! I used this yesterday and it worked like a charm! Thank you so much! Love you guys!♥️


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