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E Collar conditioning with Velcro dog

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Larry Krohn demonstrates what he does when a dog will not likely leave your aspect whilst conditioning to the e collar. Nashville dog training, Kentucky dog training, Bowling Green dog training, Tennessee dog training


  1. LOL .Really funny Larry . That'll stick in folks heads though 🙂

  2. Hi Larry,

    I have a cattle dog cross who comes on recall and heels perfectly with the e-collar. He also knows sit and down and stay. However whenever I try to use the e-collar to train a command – lets say down – at distance, as soon as I stim the dog immediately runs to my side and velcros as he has learnt that with the recall and heel the stim means come by my side. Even when I stim him (very low level) for a sit or down right next to me he just presses in closer to me. Any tips for how to resolve this?


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