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Doggy separation stress and anxiety schooling

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Doggy separation stress and anxiety schooling

In this video, I will communicate about separation stress and anxiety in canine and how to support your canine to get more than this challenge. I have been flooded by this question and quite a few of you need support.

I will also remedy all your canine associated questions dwell.

About Me:
I am a canine coach and I mentor canine proprietors. I support you to prepare your canine(s) without the use of treats, aversive equipment like shock collars, prong collars, power and Domination. I educate and show you how to use “participate in & praise” as reward to prepare your canine.

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  1. I need help with my 7 month old yorkies. I have been sleeping in the Lo3ving room and now I am having a tough time breaking him out of this habit. Everytime I attempt to leave him alone all he does is whine until I come back to where he is. Please help me

  2. it's desirable to pick up a puppy at 8 weeks for many reasons, it's the ideal time. at 6 weeks the bitch starts to teach the pups to be independent – get away from me! she's basically done with them and has had enough. if the pups stay with the litter beyond 8 weeks the pups start teaching each other bad habits and the fighting gets more intense. from 6-12 weeks is prime bonding time, so you want the pups to bond with it's new family – or sheep (for ex.) if it's a flock guardian.

  3. brilliant livestream Saro. watching on catch up. you explain stuff so well. a wee you think some breeds have more separation anxiety than others? Benji my Lhasa has no separation anxiety at all and is happy on his own. Nelly a chinese crested is a nightmare and has to be in a a cage when we go out. she is well trained in other ways and never was really without company. we are retired and about most of time and that seems to have made her worse when we do go out xxx

  4. c'mon Saro. people create separation anxiety in dogs. "I'm sorry i have to leave, you be good now. i'm going to miss you. I hope you'll be ok cuddle baby. I love you, good bye, kisses and hugs. you be good now, i'll be back soon pookems." all in a baby talk voice that's exciting and anxiety inducing, then they leave the dog in this worked up state.
    dogs are dogs, not babies but most people in our culture don't respect dogs as dogs. it's all about them, the human, and the dog is an accessory.


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