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Doggy commands in ASL

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Service puppy commands in ASL with a single hand.


  1. thank you for this video. Im getting a golden retriever puppy soon as my future service dog. im doing self train. since i am non-verbal and my left hand is weak. I might have to teach a dog ASL and I am so glad i found this video 🙂

  2. what kind of English are you using? it sounds like you keep switching your spoken language. . this is very confusing. will you please clarify? I'm HoH and trying to follow but it's hard to switch what language I am trying to recognize. what is "bleb"? I heard you say that. I only know what a "milk bleb" is!

  3. excuse u signing wrong ..must always use two hands sign launguage not one hands.

  4. Thank you for this video.


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