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Dog Training Question and Answer #10-Over protective GSD, pitbull barks at people and more

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#1 7:07 4 month old chow pulls in a different direction on walks.
#2 10:51 young pitbull plays with young neighbor dog a lot, could they fight
#3 15:37 young pitfall barks at people who show nervousness and fear
#4 20:21 should I make my dogs food
#5 24:41 13 week old maltese puts the breaks on a lot during the walk, am I asking too much?
#6 31:09 My young dog started jumping on me a lot and gets more and more excited
#7 37:56 When does a dog get a chance to potty on a walk
#8 42:51 My German Shepherd Dog doesn’t like being separated from other family members on the walk
#9 48:58 My dog is over protective towards people, what can I do when he moves in with me and roommates?
#10 57:31 My dog is laying on his potty turf space, is this bad?
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