How To Train a Dog

Dog Training: How To Teach Your Dog The Front & Finish Command

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How to teach your dog the front & finish command. Comprehensive Pet Therapy (CPT Training) provides cat and dog training in group classes or private lessons. We have 5 locations: Atlanta, Alpharetta, Cumming (2) and Flowery Branch in Georgia. For more information, please visit


  1. This is what your dog does. Notnhow to teach it!

  2. gotta go with the "pack"…nice to see a dog who has practiced this a million times..HOW?

  3. and how is this "how to teach your dog the front & finish command". ?

  4. You just showed your dog doing it, not how to teach it…

  5. I'm trying to teach my dog this and am having trouble with finish. How do you get the dog to equate finish with the specific side of you?


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