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drsophiayin.com current a online video illustrating the value of providing treats in a skillful method. To study much more about the value of strategy though instruction canines, study


  1. If you watch again, you can see Dr. Yin’s knees do not contact the dog’s chest while delivering the treat. See the blog associated with the video to learn more about why bending your knees is necessary.
    We also know her knees are not stimulating the dog to lift his paw because he is looking at her face and not her knees throughout delivery. In fact, the dog is lifting his paw because he is trying to get to the treat. This is why the paw lifting is more prominent when the delivery is slow.

  2. I see that the knee bend is influencing the dogs behavior and the delivery of the reward is given when paw is raised.
    Human body language- human knee moved into dog chest- stimulates dog to lift paw in reaction.
    Dog is rewarded, not for sit- put paw lift. Not sure the knee to dog chest is greatest posture for delivery if result desired is to reward still, calm sit.


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