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In this stream, we’ve acquired some excellent puppy dog proprietor strategies, but we want to solution your puppy dog thoughts! This livestream is focused to you puppy dog proprietors! We educate in excess of five hundred doggy proprietors, and their four-legged family associates at McCann Skilled Pet dog Trainers every single 7 days, and we want to assist you with your puppy dog struggles!

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  1. We were glad we could share this stream with you! It didn't look good as we approached 7PM. So we went "old school" with a phone and a battery light;) Hope you found this video helpful, and thanks for watching!

  2. So I had a few questions but our power went out like 5 minutes in boo! I have a 12 week old collie/lab/Aussie mix named Asher and he is so smart I'm the one who needs the training lol I have a few questions lol soo… humping how do you correct That? For him it tends to be as he gets excited playing tug or fetch. He also has moments of I guess when his energy is high and wants to play and he will lay in front for me and bark what do I do with that? LOL

  3. Thank you for this video! I am particularly grateful for the info about what to do with little puppies and nipping. You DEFINED and explained HOW to passively correct that behavior. My new Fox Red English Lab will be born in June and coming home in July. Great info and a big thanks.

  4. What age should a puppy leave it’s mom ?

  5. Why has my 13 week old puppy gone from being loving to always wanting to bite me ??

  6. How do you mark a bad moment?


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